I’m almost having to force myself to write this blog post.  I haven’t blogged since the Indiana State Wrestling tournament and that’s because I haven’t had a day off since then, until this past weekend.  From last Thursday to yesterday I finally got a break from the grind and got to go home and see the family and Buster.  It was great to recharge the batteries, but I had to jump straight back into it today.

During the nonstop grind that was the past few weeks though, I did get to do some cool assignments.  My schedule jumped around a bit and I covered some great games and had another trip to Indy for the team wrestling tournament.  I ran out on a fire that gave me some decent images for once, worked a bit on my own stories and did the daily stuff that pops up.  One of the more unique assignments I had, though, was covering Mardi Bras, an artistic bra fashion show put on to raise money for AIDS research and support groups.

The bras weren’t what you see in the Victoria Secret Fashion Show, and neither was the pre-show entertainment as we were treated to belly dancing and a burlesque show.  The bras ranged from semi-traditional lingerie to wild pieces of art with social and political undertones.  It was pretty crazy, but definitely a nice break from the usual and a fun way to spend my Sunday.

Model Misty Adye does the robot as she struts down the catwalk wearing artist Jerrilee Lamar's "Wireless" bra design in the Mardi Bras fashion show fundraiser held at the Casino Aztar Executive Conference Center on Sunday afternoon, February 27. 2011. The annual Mardi Bras event benefitted the AIDS Resource Group (ARG) and raised money through silent auctions and donations on the various pieces of bra art modeled at the show.

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